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Atlanta-area Non-Profit Launches Online Community For Adults With Special Needs To Combat Isolation & Loneliness.

The Next Stop Neighborhood Will Launch on November 1, 2023

Flowery Branch, Georgia – November 1, 2023: The Next Stop, an esteemed non-profit organization serving the special needs community since 2007, is thrilled to announce the launch of their innovative online community – The Next Stop Neighborhood. This subscription-based platform is set to go live on November 1, 2023, at, offering an array of enriching activities and events to its members. 

“Knowing firsthand the challenges that isolation, loneliness, and loss of skills pose to the special needs community, we are deeply committed to making a difference,” said Vicki LaRoche, the Executive Director of The Next Stop, “The Neighborhood is more than just a platform; it’s a beacon of hope, a place of engagement, and a source of unending joy for our members.”

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Originating in Suwanee, Georgia, The Next Stop has a commendable history of developing programs focused on delivering learning, recreational, leisure, and social activities to adults with special needs. The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 led the organization to swiftly transition to a virtual setup, proving that they could bring the same vibrancy and fulfillment of their onsite programs into the comfort of members’ homes. With The Next Stop Neighborhood, the goal is to magnify this success, reaching out to a wider audience to help combat the widespread issues of isolation and loneliness experienced by many adults with special needs.

Members of The Next Stop Neighborhood will be treated to a dynamic range of offerings. Every day introduces a fresh and engaging activity, ensuring that there’s always something new to look forward to. The site is launching with six months of content already built into the platform. Additionally, live weekly events will serve as interactive spaces for members to participate and connect with others. The platform boasts a diverse assortment of videos, from cooking demonstrations and crafts sessions to musical interactions and yoga classes. Educational “Did You Know” segments promise to be both informative and stimulating. For those seeking lighter entertainment, a variety of fun-filled games and coloring activities are available for independent enjoyment. The eagerly anticipated Block Party will serve as a weekly social gathering, encouraging members to mingle and celebrate the spirit of community.

Kathy Cookson, The Next Stop Program Director, chimed in, “Our content team has worked hard over the past year to launch the site with over 200 stimulating activities in our library. There are so many fun opportunities to discover within the wide range of activities that our ‘neighbors’ are sure to find something they enjoy. And with new activities being added daily, the fun will never end.”

The official launch is scheduled for November 1, 2023, and the team at The Next Stop is eagerly looking forward to welcoming new members to their ever-growing community, ensuring that every adult with special needs finds their place in “The Neighborhood.”

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About The Next Stop: Founded in 2007, The Next Stop has been unwavering in its mission to provide valuable programming to adults with special needs. Recognized for its dedication to bringing recreational, leisure, and social activities, the organization has successfully touched many lives, both in its onsite programs in Suwanee, Georgia, and its virtual initiatives. With the introduction of The Next Stop Neighborhood, the organization aims to create an even more inclusive space, breaking barriers, and ensuring that adults with special needs find a vibrant community waiting to welcome them. Learn more about their initiatives and the upcoming platform by visiting