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Weekly Digital Block Party

Connecting with others is a basic need and want for all of us. Did you know that 50 percent of adults with special needs report they are lonely? Just being seen and heard can change a feeling of loneliness to a sense of well being. Our Block Parties give us the chance to interact by having topical conversations and playing games with one another. RSVP and get ready to have some fun!

Cooking Videos

Once a month, members of The Next Stop are featured in our cooking videos alongside our Program Director as they prepare recipes that are on the Activity Calendar. From Cuban sliders to strawberry cheesecake and a lot more, neighbors can prepare the recipes along with the video. This visual is a great way to learn and understand directions. The video can be paused when needed and best of all, there will be a delicious finished product ready to share!

Recreation Activities

We like to keep our neighbors moving!  Simple fitness routines such as yoga, line dancing, and purposeful walks are healthy ways to have fun. Rather than being sedentary, we encourage devoting time to enjoying being active together.

Monitored Private FB Group

Facebook can keep people connected and even introduce us to new friends. We look forward to getting to know our new neighbors through FB conversations and photos, in our safe, monitored group. This is a great place to share accomplishments, special family events, and friendship.

Active vs. Passive Activities

Research shows that ACTIVE physical, social, and mentally engaging activities are related to a positive feeling of well being. Unfortunately, feelings of fatigue and depression are related to high amounts of passive activity such as watching TV. In our Activity Hub, active leisure activities like crafting, word games, cooking, and coloring stimulate the mind and provide the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Live Social Events

Want to participate live with a yoga teacher? Or prepare a recipe live with your fellow neighbors? Or one of our favorites, participate in a sing-a-long!?!? We look forward to our neighbors attending these events and more. Neighbors can check out the Events Calendar to find the next social function planned for them!

Special Interest Topics

There is always something new to learn and inspire interest during our lives. Reflected in our Activity Hub are opportunities to do this through our categories of Did you Know, Our World, Taking Care of Me, and What’s Happening.  A sample of each might be The Kentucky Derby, What is Mardi Gras?, How to Sleep Better, and Endangered Species Day.  

Discovering new and interesting things is a great way to spend time!

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